About US

HCOS is subsidiary and helping hand of GMB Rass (Private) Limited, which is providing Human Resources services PAN Pakistan since 1978. HCOS has been formed with the aims to provide Human development services in terms of training and development and supply business intelligence to improve the skills of staff and develop them to achieve desired goals and target of an organization in current era. Through our diverse range of seminars, conferences and events, we give you the advantage you need by providing you with the latest industry knowledge, business information and trainings. This allows you and your employees to keep ahead of the game.

Businesses face many challenges in the 21st century and it's necessary for business owners and market leaders to step ahead if they want to succeed in the Market . By the help of our professional advisory team, which always in process to understand and develop new market trends and business ethics we ensure that every player in a market must get benefit out of it.