Human Capital Management Solution:
Human resource management is one of the necessary needs of today’s business. People are the real wealth of any organization. HRM has fundamental role for personnel recruiting, orientation, performance appraisal and retention of top talent.

Strategic HRM emphasizes organizational codes of ethics, managing the societal impact of business decisions, philanthropy and the role of the human resource professional in improving the quality of life of employees, their families and the community at large.

HCOS optimize at every extent to help organizations to manage the human development approach to get optimal performance from their employees.

HCOS Optimize employees to exert more effort for reaching organizational goals.

HCOS Optimize to use human resources in an optimum way to reach organizational goals
• HCOS meet employee’s career expectations and development
• HCOS unify organizational plans and HR strategies and create and maintain a corporate culture
• HCOS help organization to develop a working environment stimulating hidden creativity and energy
• HCOS create work conditions stimulating innovation, teamwork, and total quality concept

Compensation & Benefits:
Companies want to attract, retain and motivate brains to meet objectives. Today Humans are regarded as one of every company’s assets so they need to be efficiently and effectively managed. One of the tools companies use to attract, retain and motivate its people is Compensation Management. Compensation System includes, job evaluation, development and maintenance of salary structure, incentives, adjustments and changes, sharing of profits, control of compensation costs and related pay items.

We design compensation plans which are tailored to culture of an organization and their needs. Designate an individual to oversee designing the compensation program.
Develop a compensation philosophy.
Conduct a job analysis of all positions.
Establish grade pricing and salary range.
Determine an appropriate salary and reward structure.
Communicate the final program to employees and managers.

Maintaining good atmosphere:
• Keep in mind that the work performance of employees is partly driven by the work atmosphere – the more conducive it is, the more productive the employees are likely to be. HCOS can then perform an objective assessment of the workplace and then make recommendations for its betterment.

• HCOS will bring to the table many attributes that an in-house human resource department employee may be unable to do so – the comprehensive education, training and work experience, the extensive network of contacts, and the objective perspective of an experienced third party.

Policies / Procedures & Compliance:
HCOS gives guidelines in terms of policies and procedures as well as compliance with the rules and regulations set by concerned government agencies and industry organizations. Keep in mind that these bodies can impose stiff penalties on businesses that fail to comply with rules and regulations designed for employee and employer protection.

Employee performance Appraisals:
• Employee performance management refers to the process of aligning the organization’s objectives with the employees’ agreed skills, competency requirements, and results of delivery, among other factors. Its emphasis is on the creation of a high-performance workforce.

• HCOS has an objective view of the organization, which cannot be said of its present personnel including the supervisors and managers. Such an objective view becomes valuable during the performance appraisal period when employees must be evaluated on their job performance sans subjective factors like office politics.

Dispute Management
In any organization, disputes between employees, supervisors and managers are inevitable because of human nature. This is where the HCOS play his role with the combination of his experienced experts to getting to the root of the issues under dispute, thus, removing the in-office politics and unionization usually involved in these matters.

Recruitment and Training
HCOS develop the necessary knowledge, skills and networks to plan, implement and evaluate an effective and efficient recruitment and training program for the organization. HCOS will be able to prepare a customized program designed to address your business’ goals and objectives where these human resource aspects are concerned. Keep in mind that recruitment is essential in attracting the best employees while training is critical in keeping them happy by providing them with the tools for advancement within the organization.